Blaze 10 inch Marine Portable Grill with Pedestal and Optional Side Shelves



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Without Side Shelves Liquid Propane
Without Side Shelves Natural Gas
With Side Shelves Liquid Propane
With Side Shelves Natural Gas
The Blaze Portable Marine Grill just got a whole lot better! Now this grill comes with the option to add the portable marine grill base. Blaze Outdoor Products introduces the Blaze 10″ Pedestal for the Marine Grade Portable Grill. This stainless steel pedestal is specifically designed to house the Blaze Marine Grade Portable Grill. Constructed of Marine Grade Stainless Steel, offering increased durability in marine environments, and giving you more rugged toughness than the standard 304 stainless steel. The Blaze 10″ Pedestal for the Marine Grade Portable Grill features a 6″x 8″ Bolt Pattern that fits a Standard Marine Chair Deck Plate, allowing you to mount your Blaze Marine Grade Portable Grill to your boat and take grilling offshore. This Blaze Pedestal has optional side shelves that provide valuable work space to your grilling area. The Blaze Pedestal also features a recessed foot-securing system for the 4 feet of the Portable Grill to rest securely in.