Alfresco 30 inch Bartending Center Cover



An outdoor bar cover made from heavy-duty vinyl, the Alfresco Bar tending Center Outdoor Bar Cover will keep bottles of spirits, bar tending essentials and outdoor kitchen accessories shielded from the elements. The rectangular shape enables you to easily slip it right over your bar unit so you can have it protected quickly in the event of a downpour. The 24" outdoor bar cover style fits the Alfresco 24 inch Built-in Bartender, which features an insulated ice bin and speed rail, and this bartender can be installed near your Alfresco grill for a complete experience.

The 24" style measures 27" wide, 30" deep, and weighs 3 pounds. We also carry the 30" style, which measures 33" wide and 30" deep. Both of these designs are durable, so rain and debris won’t come near your beautiful stainless steel bar unit.

The 30" outdoor bar cover style is made especially for the Alfresco 30 inch Freestanding Bartender, available at Outdora, that has a sink, speed rail, insulated ice compartment and even more features. Just imagine serving guests their favorite beverages right from your patio. Then while friends are sipping away, you an prepare a delectable meal on your Alfresco grill – in addition to an outdoor bar cover, you can also own a grill cover. When your patio gear isn’t in use, it’s a good idea to protect your investments. We have a wide range of protective covers for patio furniture and umbrellas as well as grill covers to safeguard your Alfresco grills. It’s a simple accessory to keep your belongings looking new. Trust our custom fitted Alfresco outdoor bar cover.

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At Alfresco, we understand that precision-directed power is essential for any true high-performance culinary appliance. You can be confident in the control and accuracy built into our 18SR stainless steel Accufire™ grilling engine. This commercially-inspired fire delivery method creates some of the highest temperatures in the industry, and serves as the suspension system for "The ultimate grilled food" coming from your customized outdoor kitchen. With dual rows of corrosion-resistant, clean-combusting, double-lanced ports and a lifetime warranty, this grill is built to last a lifetime.

Ir burner new photo 2018


This high-tech Sear Zone™burner reaches 1500ºF in four minutes, and cooks 50% faster with virtually no flare-ups. The special “V-shaped” flavorizer cooking grate also captures the natural juices, fats, and flavors, then caramelizes them to the food for delectable, mouthwatering flavor. This means savory, melt-in-your-mouth proteins, all at your control.

56 lxe all grill bbq rotisserie


All Alfresco grills come with a flush-mounted 1500º rear ceramic infrared rotisserie burner. In conjunction with our integrated Mega-Drive™ motor system, rotisserie cooking perfection has never been easier.

Artisan details ae air cooling


SafeTouch™ design creates an insulating barrier of ambient air flowing between the front panel and the grill firebox. This results in all of the control components staying safe to the touch.

Smoker tray new 2


With a dedicated stainless steel burner, our exclusive Signature Taste™ smoking system opens a whole new world of flavors for the aspiring outdoor chef. The drawer holds large chunks of wood and herbs, and linear diffusing vents naturally eject smoke at 200º to the food zone.

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Sitting over the briquette and “U” burner sections, these ultra-premium grates are made from heavy-duty 3/8-inch round stainless steel rod, and have a special nonstick electro-polished finish.

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