The legacy of Outdora began in California where the sunlight that permeates through the Sonoma Valley turns everything to gold – from the rolling hills lush with grape vines to the opulent lifestyle, homes and businesses of the locals. California was built on the discovery of gold, and since those “Eureka…I have found it!” days, Californians have been fine-tuning their lifestyles. This innate desire to discover the outdoors inspired the conception of Outdora, and the rustic charm and artistry of the Sonoma Valley is in the spirit of Outdora too.

The Founding of Outdora

In 2005, Stuart Sager founded and launched Outdora with the intention to offer customers beautiful and distinctive outdoor living products that embody quality at an affordable price. Sager began selling patio furniture, hammocks, patio umbrellas and more online where consumers could conveniently browse the assortment at Outdora without leaving the comfort of their homes. Sager’s goal was to develop an e-commerce site that would give customers the power to transform their backyard into a personalized paradise. From this point forward, Outdora expanded its roots fastidiously but retained its passion to bring the art of dining, entertaining, socializing and relaxation at home closer to nature.

The Growth of Outdora

The e-commerce site continued to develop over the years and gained the patronage of suppliers and its customers. In 2009, Outdora grew into a brick and mortar store in downtown Sonoma and made its superior collection of products more available to local wineries, restaurants, spas, bed and breakfasts and northern Californian homeowners, enabling its respective community to bring a new level of sophistication to its exteriors.

The Outdora showroom specializes in the finest outdoor kitchen appliances from high-end manufacturers such as Viking, Fuego, Fire Magic, Twin Eagles, True Refrigeration, Fontana Forni, Sole Gourmet, Perlick and more. Providing the essentials for cookouts, family gatherings and upscale soirees, the barbecues and grills available at Outdora are well received by home cooks and professional chefs alike.

On an Internet level, Outdora upholds its commitment of catering to people and business all over the country, dedicating its expertise on outdoor living products to those who desire high-end sophistication. From fire pits and pizza ovens to greenhouses and weathervanes, you’ll explore an exceptional range of designs that are crafted for longevity with exquisite style.

Weaving the fibers of Outdora’s online shop has been and continues to be an ongoing process, and our expertly trained and talented showroom staff, marketing team, customer service representatives, sales and creative teams contribute to the dramatically expanded and ever-emerging tapestry that Outdora is today.

Highest Quality

Designed with the consumers’ needs in mind, Outdora’s products are hardy and adaptable, ensuring maximum durability for years of use and enjoyment. Outdora offers a vast selection of the highest quality products from the leaders in the industry, including Fire Magic, Planika, Kingsley-Bate, Woodard Furniture and more. These featured manufacturers pride themselves on superior craftsmanship and use of premium – and very often eco-friendly – materials. In addition to quality products, customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to Outdora, and its knowledgeable customer service representatives are here to help.

Offering the best of the best, Outdora sells everything needed to convert any outdoor environment into a sumptuous and enchanting space for casual family dining and lounging to more high-class social scenes. The elegant homes, decor and sense of style is the soul of the Sonoma Valley, and Outdora has remained devoted to providing unique, innovative and exceptional products to reflect this gold rush style.