Alfa Moderno 3 Pizze Gas-Fired Pizza Oven In Fire Yellow



Discover 3 Pizze, the Moderno line oven that is even more spacious. The new 3 Pizze by Alfa is an even larger Made in Italy pizza oven with exceptional performance, in just 30 minutes it is ready to cook the first pizza. 3 Pizze, with its modern design, fits perfectly in all environments that, far from being boring, require zest and colour and is the right size to be placed on top of outdoor kitchens. The 3 Pizze oven by Alfa gives your dishes a perfect and homogeneous cooking experience by taking advantage of the innovative Full Effect Full Circulation Flue System®.

This particular system patented by Alfa allows to retain heat inside the oven’s refractory tiles, which are thus able to reach high temperatures and keep them constant. 3 Pizze from the Moderno line by Alfa is available with gas or wood fuel, but thanks to the Hybrid Kit you can transform the gas version into a wood-burning oven, depending on the recipe you want to make or the availability of fuel when cooking.

  • 31 x 20 Inch Cooking Floor
  • 3 Pizza Capacity
  • HeatGenius Technology
  • 1000 Degree F Max Temperature
  • 30 Minute Heating Time
  • Fire Yellow Finish
  • Number of pizzas: 3
  • Baked bread:  2/3 Kg
  • Maximum temperature:  500 °C
  • Cooking surface wood: 90 x 50 cm
  • Cooking surface gas: 80 x 50 cm
  • Weight: 97,5 Kg
  • Fuel supply: wood or gas (hybrid with Hybrid kit accessory)
  • Number of people: from 1 to 10
  • Size: 114x91x72h; 45×35,8×28,5h inch
  • Wood-fired oven weight: 97kg; 214lbs
  • Gas oven weight: 97kg; 214lbs
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An elegant and timeless design that manages to combine the most traditional shape of wood-burning ovens with the latest technological innovation.


Soft, rounded curves, custom colours and all the Alfa technology to convey character to young and dynamic outdoor spaces.


Minimalism, functionality and discreet elegance for ovens capable of integrating perfectly into premium outdoor kitchens.

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