Delta Heat 38 Inch Freestanding Grill



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A Delta Heat grill can turn you into a master chef in no time, and the 38'' Freestanding Delta Heat Grill is the largest freestanding grill design in this collection, measuring 38'' W x 20.5'' D x 21.875'' overall. With an impressive 625 square inches of main grilling space (36" W x 17.375" D), you can entertain a small or large gathering of guests right from your patio and pool area. This Delta Heat grill also features a 210 square inch warming rack (35" W x 6" D) along with three 20,000 BTU stainless steel tube burners and a 14,000 BTU infrared rear rotisserie burner (total of 74,000 BTUs), making this outdoor grill extremely powerful. The mobile base, measuring 36" H x 38" W x 20.5" D (62" wide with the shelves), is constructed from durable stainless steel, and the heavy-duty casters have front brakes for safety. The 75-pound Delta Heat grill base is designed with two side shelves and nifty utensil holders for preparing food or hanging your cooking tools all within the parameters of these freestanding grills. Engineered by well-respected Gas Engineer Dante Cantal, this line of cookers boasts of superb details and weather-hardy construction. The double walled seamless front hood with analog thermometer helps to maintain the interior temperature, and the direct heat system uses secured ceramic briquettes to ensure even heat distribution – reach a maximum of 700˚F. Our 170-pound, American-made Delta Heat grill includes two interior halogen lights and seven 12" wide stainless steel round grates, and this portable outdoor kitchen gleams with its polished hi-lites, emphasizing the high-end sophistication that a Delta Heat grill is known for. In order to transform meat like chicken or pork into succulent main dishes, use the two-position, one speed rotisserie (25-pound capacity), which has a heavy-duty stainless steel motor that requires a 12V plug. This 38'' Delta Heat grill comes with a spit rod and pair of meat holder forks, and our Delta Heat grill is available as a Liquid Propane or Natural Gas fueled design, your preference; either Delta Heat grill you choose is equipped with a 9V battery electronic ignition. These gas grills are sleek and fully functional, and you’ll have everything needed (power, space and tools) to show off your culinary prowess when using a Delta Heat grill.