Fire Magic 24 Inch Built In Charcoal Grill

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A Fire Magic grill for those that favor the simplicity of a charcoal grill but the elegant structure of a gas patio grill, the Legacy 24'' Built In Charcoal Fire Magic Grill from Barbecueandgrills will capture the best of both worlds in your very own home. This model is constructed in the U.S. using high- grade stainless steel, making it sleek and weatherproof, even in the harshest climates. Moisture and heat stay in Fire Magic grills while rain and wind stay out. It also comes equipped with your choice of a smoker oven hood, which boasts of adjustable side vents and extremely low- temperature cooking, or a traditional oven hood. Tailor outdoor grills to your needs; vegetarians and meat eaters alike can channel their inner chef for meals that please entire neighborhoods. Pair with deep fryers and refrigerators for a complete outdoor kitchen, and select patio furniture for rest and relaxation. This Fire Magic grill is a gateway to a new life spent primarily from your lawn and garden. This model is the smaller of two available in this series and offers 432 square inches of surface space that measures 24" W x 18" D. Fueling is painless thanks to a front-loading drawer built for charcoal or wood chunks, which can be filled before or while cooking – the grids don’t need to be removed to add a heating boost. If you’re in the market for a larger Fire Magic grill, the Legacy 30 Inch Built-In Charcoal Fire Magic Grill from Barbecueandgrills is equipped with the same features and more space for larger families or restaurants. Both models arrive with a charcoal shield for indirect cooking and a precision analog thermometer built into the hood. Use your Fire Magic grill to slow roast and smoke, or give salmon filets a quick sear, as this built-in grill is versatile and drops right into outdoor countertops. And, with an outstanding reputation and warranty to back it up, your grilling future is safe. In a New England cottage or a California hideaway, take your meals to the next level with a Legacy Fire Magic grill.