Lumacast Arcus Fire Table


Aluminum Table Top
72 inch
82 inch
Stainless Steel
Brass Upgrade

Inspired by the soft, yet dramatic curves of Coastal Roll Clouds, our ARCUS collection adds a touch of modern serenity to any landscape. With its prominent and unique design, ARCUS is available in two sizes and a wide range of colors, making it an inviting addition to your outdoor living and entertainment spaces. Comes with standard rolled lava rock. 





Burner Output

72 inch

Length: 72 inches

Width: 32 inches

Height: 15 inches

Stainless Steel: 125,000 BTU
Brass: 210,00 BTU

82 inch

Length: 82 inches

Width: 32 inches

Height: 15 inches

Stainless Steel: 150,000 BTU
Brass: 250,000 BTU

Our policy is longevity — with proper care and upkeep, your fire feature has the potential to last a lifetime.  


Stainless components (residential) 5-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY

Stainless components (commercial) 2-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY

Concrete Shell (residential) 5-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY

Concrete Shell (commercial) 1-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY

LUMACAST assumes no responsibility for, and this warranty does not apply to damage or  defect resulting from any of the following:  

Improper handling, maintenance, or installation.

Modification or alteration to the product by any means that increase the likelihood of damage Any circumstance where the product has been misused, intentionally damaged, or damaged as a result of negligence.