Frankford Eclipse 10-Inch Square Cantilever Umbrella



This elegant and modern heavy-duty in-ground cantilever umbrella is the ultimate choice for outdoor living and entertaining in both residential and commercial environments. It combines style with strength, size, and durability. With its Infinity Tilt and 360° rotation, the Eclipse® provides complete shade flexibility.

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  • Full 360° rotation, combined with the Infinity Tilt system, allows for countless tilt angles, providing hours of maximum shade regardless of the position of the sun
  • The crank lift is built for commercial use, yet designed for smooth and effortless operation in any environment
  • The mast and all critical joints are extruded aluminum, ensuring unmatched strength and durability
  • Engineered to withstand 35 MPH winds. Included wind stabilizer kit increases this by 5 MPH
  • Maintenance free stainless steel hardware
  • Multiple mounting options are available, either permanent or semi-permanent, for installation on any surface

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Specifications & Size

  • Height:110"
  • Clearance:84"
  • Closed Clearance:26"
  • Crank Clearance:25"
  • Weight:108 lbs.
  • Canopy Length:10'
  • Canopy Width:10'
  • Open Depth:144"
  • Closed Depth:18.75"

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