Blaze Electric Grill



We designed this Water-Resistant model with your needs in mind! Available in a Table-Top, Pedestal, or Built-In model, the electric grill ensures that no matter where you are, you can grill in style. The triangular searing rods create impressive sear marks to impress your friends and family. Stainless steel flame tamers minimize flare-ups and add flavor to anything you grill. The full-size 1500 Watt heating element distributes heat evenly and heats to a maximum grill surface temperature of 749°F. This heavy-duty grill is built to last a lifetime and is approved for Multi-User Setting as well so that you know that no matter where you grill, your Blaze is built to last.

  • Featuring a Lifetime Warranty
  • 3-Year Multi-User Warranty
  • Water resistant
  • 9mm Triangular stainless steel cooking rods that create impressive sear marks
  • 1500 Watt electric heating element
  • The full-size heating element has a grill surface temperature of 749°F
  • Exterior grill body constructed of 304 stainless steel
  • 16 GA flame tamers help distribute heat evenly
  • Easy pull-out drip tray
    • Model: BLZ-ELEC-21
    • Cutout Dimensions: 21” W x 18 1/4” D x 9 5/8” H*
      • These dimensions create the required air gap underneath this appliance. is the air gap serves multiple purposes, such as preventing a build-up of heat in the island cavity and helping provide proper air to keep the unit cool?
    • Cooking Grid Dimensions: 17 7/8” W x 15 3/8” D
    • Flame Tamer: Flame Stabilizer Grid
    • Flame Stabilizer Grid: Electric Element
    • Model Style: Table-Top, Pedestal, or Built-In model
    • Height: 43.7''
    • Width: 48 1/2''
    • Depth: 22.0625''
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    Stainless Steel Construction

    Blaze builds almost all of their grills from 304 stainless steel, an alloy that is exceptionally resistant to rust, meaning they can stand up to the weather for years. In addition, some models feature Marine-grade 316 stainless steel that is commonly used in the boating industry to resist the salty air - perfect for a long-lasting grill in any climate.

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    Heavy Duty Grill Grates

    All Blaze grills come equipped with heavy-duty stainless steel grill grates that provide a professional-level grilling experience. The PRO models feature enhanced hexagonal-shaped grates that retain more heat for restaurant-quality grilling in your own backyard.

    Blaze bsi precise engineering revb

    Precise Engineering & Quality Craftsmanship

    The founders of Blaze sought to combine their decades of experience in the BBQ industry and produce what they feel is the best grill on the market. Combining that experience with the engineering team at Blaze, their grills provide exceptional performance and reliability for long-lasting grilling.

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