DCS 30 inch Series 7 Freestanding Grill



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Liquid Propane
Natural Gas

A DCS grill offering 748 square inches of total cooking area, the 30 inch DCS Traditional Freestanding Grill with Rotisserie is the perfect unit for smaller home exterior settings. However, don't let your eyes be deceived, because this compact model still packs power, quality and professional features. The stainless steel barbecue is capable of braving the elements year-round, and underneath its hood are two DCS grill burners – each rated for 25,000 BTUs. To ensure exceptional performance, the stainless steel burners are U-shaped. Also, the DCS grill has full surface searing, which enables the heat to encompass the primary cooking area, and there is a rotisserie on this freestanding BBQ as well. Slowly roast up to 50 pounds of meat for your next backyard cookout. The rotisserie has a devoted burner rated at 14,000 BTUs. Whether you're grilling atop the rod shaped stainless steel grates or on the rotisserie, you'll experience controllable searing heat. DCS grills fire up efficiently via a 9V battery ignition, and turn burners on using the designer metal control knobs on the front of your freestanding grill. For pleasant nighttime cookouts, the manufacturer has integrated a 50-watt halogen light into the rotisserie motor for complete illumination. Choose from two DCS grill carts – the Wheel Hub Cap (one side shelf included) or Regular Cart. Customize your model even further by adding matching components and appliances to your order. For instance, these stainless steel grills can be partnered with the DCS Double Side Burner for 30 inch Freestanding Grills, so even more cooking versatility and culinary muscle is possible with the 30 Inch DCS grill.