Earthstone Model 60 Gas Fired Pizza Oven



Gas Only
Gas & Wood

A pizza oven from Earthstone Ovens offers superior heat retention, and the Earthstone Pre Assembled Model 60 Pizza Oven provides 23" in diameter of cooking space (3 7/10 square feet), enabling you to bake up to two 8" pizzas or one 12" pizza within this outdoor pizza oven. Select from the Wood Fired or the Gas and Wood Fired design, which emits 40,000 BTUs. Either one features a factory finished gray paint as well as a temperature gauge, cast aluminum door with Teflon handles and a granite shelf; the manufacturer, founded by Maurice Sabbagh Yotnegparian, includes a five-year warranty with its wood burning pizza ovens and wood and gas pizza ovens. Weighing 1,700 pounds and measuring 33" W x 32" D x 64.5" H, this model is made with 3" thick high temperature refractory material (80% alumina) and a powder-coated steel stand and enclosure. The wood pizza oven includes a dial temperature gauge, oven door and mantle, stainless steel flue adapter and stainless steel pizza peel while the wood and gas pizza oven option comes with a digital temperature gauge, gas burner system, ceramic fire log set, oven door and mantle, stainless steel flue adapter and stainless steel pizza peel; step-by-step operation and maintenance instructions accompany both pizza oven designs.

Because of the high quality refractory material, your model is protected from acids that are emitted by wood burning. Adding to its durability is the heavy-gauge welded tube steel and angle iron members of the steel support frame as well as 4" to 10" of hardened lightweight insulation found in the void of the oven body and enclosure. For the wood/gas model, it requires a .75" gas outlet - 7" W.C. (LP gas 10") and a 120 VAC/ 3 AMP.

The American-made pizza oven is casted and assembled individually to reduce the potential of stress cracks – with the five-year limited warranty, you can enjoy your resilient pizza oven for years to come. The durable, industrial strength floor tiles have been pressed at 8,500 p.s.i. and kiln fired at 2,800˚F; before use, season your model by burning one small fire for one hour for two days. Designed with a 15" W x 17" H door opening, your Earthstone Ovens pizza oven is also made with a smoke- and odor-removing hood. Turn the heat up in residential or commercial outdoor kitchens, and enjoy a design that meets a wide range of your cooking and baking needs. From pizza oven cooking tools to food preparation essentials, Outdora has everything you need so you can start trying your favorite recipes on our stylish and versatile pizza oven.

Please note that this pizza oven is not outdoor ready without covering with a waterproof material.