DCS 36 inch Series 7 Freestanding Grill



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Liquid Propane
Natural Gas

A DCS grill gives all the cooking control over to you, and the 36 Inch DCS Series 7 Freestanding Grill with Rotisserie is packed with features to help you deliver tasty meals to family and guests. Now you have the ability to prepare meats and veggies just as beautifully as professional chefs do. Since DCS grills have full surface searing with Ceramic Radiant Technology, you'll experience high heat from your DCS grill that is also distributed evenly. Get those bistro quality sear marks on salmon, chicken and beef when grilling from your patio or deck. This freestanding grill has two burners rated at 25,000 BTUs that are made from stainless steel, and all DCS grill burners are precision ported as well as U-shaped for a superior heating experience. Secure up to 50 pounds of meat on the integrated rotisserie, which is equipped with a devoted 14,000 BTU burner. For more mouthwatering flavor and aroma, utilize the smoker tray that has a corresponding 3,500 BTU burner. Your DCS grill has quite a powerful system setup, and you can protect it with a DCS Cover for 36 inch Series 7 Freestanding Grill from Barbecueandgrills. Stainless steel barbecues are tough, but DCS BBQ grill covers repel rain, dust, cobwebs and more. Fire up the 9V battery ignition, turn the designer metal knob controls, use the 50-watt halogen light to increase visibility, and begin barbecuing for your hungry patio visitors. Since the freestanding barbecue has double-sided cast stainless steel DCS grill grates, you have a supportive side and trough-shaped side for grease removal. The Grease Management System™ cuts back on flare-ups by channeling grease and oil in the opposite direction of the flame also. When your cookout is finished, the stainless steel grill warming rack and drip tray are both removable for quick cleaning, and you can place clean cooking tools and grill accessories right inside the cart of this DCS grill.