Lumacast Electronic Ignition System


Natural Gas

Get your LUMACAST fire feature running with the flip of a switch, or integrate your fire feature into your smart home with the premium configuration.

This industry-leading, fully automated system is engineered for use in all seasons. The onboard controller works in tandem with the thermopile sensor to compensate for the effects of wind with speeds up to 50mph. This greatly increases the performance of your LUMACAST fire feature in windy environments. Additionally, the pilot burner is designed to make it impossible for water and debris to clog the pilot gas line. The controller housing and gas valves are completely weather-sealed making the entire system impermeable to water.

These Electronic ignition systems must be installed by a licensed professional.


  • Compact size

  • Controller programmed to compensate for the effects of wind (up to 50 mph)

  • Field serviceable components

  • MFG. 3-year limited warranty for residential applications

  • Can be integrated into your existing Lutron (or similar) system for smart home connectivity



  • BTU output capacity: Up to 290,000