Memphis Pro 28 Inch 304 Built In Pellet Grill



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A Memphis grill is unlike other gas or propane fueled outdoor BBQ grills, because the Pro 28" 304 Built In Pellet Memphis Grill from Barbecueandgrills is a culinary masterpiece that grills, bakes and smokes! It features a beautiful 304 grade stainless steel craftsmanship that is made in the U.S.A. Inside a 562 sq. inch cooking surface is at your disposal underneath the hood of this Memphis grill, but for more space, simply add an optional cooking grate to your Memphis grill order. Upgrade to 834 square inches instantly! Memphis grills are also designed with a Dual Fan Convection System that is equipped with reliable metal blades that circulate heat evenly inside these wood fired grills, ensuring food is cooked uniformly. Between the unit's outstanding heat retention and convection cooking, your cooking will come out juicy and tender. Plus, your Memphis grill is environmentally friendly since it requires 100% natural wood pellets that are made from renewable resources. Your Memphis grill comes with a programmable ITC Food Probe that can be used to measure the internal temperature of your meats. In approximately three minutes, this unit will ignite the pellets so you can get cooking. After these pellet grills have cooked your food to the selected temperature, the ITC will automatically reduce the temperature of your Memphis grill to keep your meal warm. The Pro Memphis pellet grills feature an 18 pound high-capacity hopper that is separated into two 9 pound fuel bins, enabling you to mix flavor pellets to get a customized taste from food served from your Memphis grill. Barbecueandgrills also has food seasoning and BBQ sauces so you can further enhance chicken, steak and pork chops. Wood pellet grills offer incredible flavor, but if you want more, the Memphis grill Direct Flame Insert (included) will allow you to enjoy the ability to cook food right over top an open flame. Amazing barbecue cuisine for your patio gatherings is possible; even bake breads and cookies! Keep the unit safe when you're not grilling by adding the optional grill cover, and look forward to cooking outdoors during all of the seasons on your Memphis grill.