15" Dometic D-Series Refrigerator

SKU: 9620000045


15-inch outdoor refrigerator, 3.2 cubic feet cold storage

Dometic refrigerators are the perfect complement for any outdoor kitchen offering superb cold storage for anything from drinks to condiments or ready to grill steaks.

  • Sleek and minimalist design fits any outdoor kitchen style
  • Precise digital temperature control 32-50°F
  • Zero-clearance hinge allows for seamless integration with kitchen cabinetry
  • Door opening direction can be changed from left to right
  • Door lock for added security


Product Highlights

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Durable Design

Built with professional graded stainless steel that is resistant to moisture, salt and UV

Optimal cold storage

Optimal Cold Storage

The cooling system provides even airflow and consistent temperatures throughout the refrigerator

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Blue LED lighting illuminates the interior evenly, making it easy to find what you need


Serious Cooling Performance

Highly efficient, forced-air refrigeration system offers rapid product cool down and even temperature throughout