Alfa Pizzaiolo Kit



Alfa KITPIZ Pizzaiolo Accessory Kit provides a premium accessory kit for your perfect pizza oven station. This kit includes all of the tools needed for making a homemade pizza in your wood-burning oven. Included is the dough ball proofing box, infrared thermometer, pizza cutter, dough cutter, apron, chopping board, oven mitt, cookbook, and the new Alfa pizza peel set. All wooden tools are carefully handmade and meet Alfa's high-quality standards.

  • The Pizza Peel set with all the accessories to better manage your home oven and bake pizzas like a pro.
  • A huge range of pizza-making utensils such as the pizza dough box and the doughball peel, the infrared thermometer, the pizza cutter, the chopping board, the oven mitt, the apron and the Alfa cookbook.
  • Compatible with all Alfa home ovens.