Alfresco 19-Inch Teppanyaki Griddle



Alfresco AXEVP-TG Teppanyaki Griddle, 19-Inch provides a premium cooking accessory for your Versa Power Cooker. This solid stainless steel plate with back and end splashes is ideal for multiple cooking styles - Teppanyaki, breakfast griddling, Mexican grill, tortilla cooking, and even as a plate warmer.


  • Premium Construction - Made with high quality 3/16-inch solid stainless steel
  • Multiple Cooking Styles - Ideal for Japanese Teppanyaki cooking, breakfast griddling, tortilla cooking, Mexican grilling, and for use as a plate warmer
  • For Use With - Designed to be used with Versa Power Cooker (AXEVP-LP or AXEVP-NG)