Coyote 3ft Electric Island - Refrigerator for C1EL120SM, CBIR (L or R)



Coyote 3ft Electric Island - Refrigerator
Coyote 3ft Electric Island - Refrigerator
Coyote 3ft Electric Island - Refrigerator

Coyote Ready-To-Assemble 3-Foot Outdoor Kitchen Island with 18-Inch Electric Grill & 21-Inch Refrigerator (RTAC-E3F) provides a premium electric grill option for your outdoor kitchen. With its compact design, this grill easily incorporates into almost any space. At the same time, the 156-square-inch cooking area still provides ample cooking space. The Coyote Electric Grill also features multi-level cooking, a 170-degree to 550-degree temperature range and a reliable 5,000-hour heating element. This grill offers a premium grilling experience with ceramic briquettes, a Teflon-coated cooking surface and 304 stainless steel construction. A 60-minute safety timer and surge protector round out this grill's impressive feature set to give you a great electric grilling option.

This package includes a ready-to-assemble three-foot outdoor kitchen island to serve as the foundation of your outdoor kitchen space. Manufactured from composite materials, this grill island can withstand the test of time and whatever Mother Nature throws its way. This island also features a large surface space perfect for meal prep. Available in a multitude of finish options, this island can be easily customized to your installation setting or personal tastes.

The final piece of this grill island package is a 21-inch Coyote outdoor-rated refrigerator. Featuring UL and DOE certification, this refrigerator has been built to the highest standards to serve you for many years. This refrigerator is available in a right-hinge or left-hinge configuration to meet the needs of your space, while its 304 stainless steel exterior perfectly complements your grill head. Inside the unit, you'll find a large 4.1-cubic-foot capacity, high-quality adjustable shelving and an automatic defrost design.

  • This electric grill features a compact design that makes it great for small spaces, but it still offers plenty of room for food!
  • With a temperature range of 170 degrees to 550 degrees Fahrenheit, this grill provides a versatile cooking appliance for your outdoor kitchen.
  • Premium ceramic briquettes allow you to take advantage of radiant heat for better results every time you grill.
  • This grill island can be configured with a variety of finish options to meet the needs of your space.
  • The included outdoor-rated refrigerator features a 304 stainless steel design, a large storage capacity and adjustable shelving, making it a convenient upgrade for your outdoor kitchen.


  • Fuel Type: Electric
  • Weight: 579 Pounds
  • Material: Concrete Composite
  • Overall Length: 24 Inches
  • Overall Width: 32 Inches
  • Overall Height: 37 Inches
  • Rotisserie Kit: No
  • Total Grill Area: 156 Square Inches
  • Rotisserie Back Burner: No