Coyote Asado Accessory Bundle



Coyote Asado Accessory Bundle (ASADO-ACC) provides a premium accessory bundle for your Coyote asado grill. This set has everything you need to get the most out of your asado grill, including a pizza stone, heat deflector, chicken throne, grate grippers and a grill cover.

  • Get everything you need to complete your Coyote Asado Grill collection.
  • This accessory package has been designed specifically for the Coyote Asado Grill.
  • Pizza Stone – Ceramic Pizza Stone
    • Essential accessory for evenly cooking crispy pizzas, flatbreads, and other outdoor culinary delights.
  • Heat Deflector
    • Enjoy cooking without open flame by evenly distributing heat across the grids.
  • Chicken Throne
    • Marinade infusion tool for great tasting chicken or turkey
  • Grate Grippers
    • Safely handle hot cooking grates using the grate grippers
  •  Cover
    • Black Vinyl Cover with Screen Printed Coyote logo
    • When the Smoker has cooled and is not in use, cover it with an rain cover for extra protection.