DCS 48 inch Freestanding Series 7 Grill with Integrated Side Burners



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Liquid Propane
Natural Gas

A DCS grill capable of braving the elements, serving up delicious meals and rolling back into storage, the 48 Inch DCS Traditional Freestanding Grill with Rotisserie and Side Burners gives you everything you'll need for those year-round recreation and entertaining events. The grandiose 1,115 square inches of total cooking area offers a playground for you to challenge your culinary skills. Thanks to the Ceramic Radiant Technology, the DCS grill will produce heat that is not only intense but is also distributed evenly across the 304 stainless steel barbecue grates. Since the grates have two sides, you can get those restaurant quality sear marks on steak, pork chops and chicken while also achieving beautifully cooked salmon, scallops and shrimp. The trough-shaped side helps collect grease, leaving you with healthier meats. DCS grills have full surface searing, giving you uniform heat over the main cooking surface of your DCS grill, so the three precision ported, U-shaped freestanding grill burners are used efficiently. Each stainless steel burner is rated at 25,000 BTUs – performance and control is all in your hands. Along with a smoker tray and 3,500 BTU dedicated burner, this DCS grill is outfitted with an integrated rotisserie with 14,000 BTU rated burner too, and the double side burners of this patio grill are each rated at 17,000 BTUs. Now you can prepare a diverse range of foods. Pans, racks and griddles can be used on the side burners, allowing you to saute, bake and simmer. You can even boil pasta and rice dishes! Every DCS grill is made with a 9V battery ignition, and you'll also have the Grease Management System™, which is patented for these stainless steel grills to aid in lessening flare-ups. With the mobile cart, there are access doors and drawers for stowing cooking tools and accessories. Add the 24 inch DCS Stainless Steel Side Shelf for Carts from Barbecueandgrills to your DCS BBQ grill order, and instantly expand your counter space for conducting food preparation on the sides of your DCS grill. Designer metal control knobs, a Smart Beam™ BBQ Light, and removable warming rack and drip tray give you even more to love about this unit. Scroll through our selection of DCS built-in grills too, but if you desire more portable grilling from your DCS grill, create a self-supporting outdoor kitchen with our 48 Inch Traditional Freestanding DCS Grill.