Delta Heat Cooler Drawer



A cooler drawer is essential on a hot summer day, and the Delta Heat Grills Cooler Drawer enables you to keep drinks, dips, fruit and more chilled. This stainless steel model is stylish, but it’s also built tough to endure the elements all year long. Designed to fit a maximum cooler size of 13.5" H x 25" W 14" D, this cooler drawer can store up to a 50 quart patio cooler without casters, so you don’t have to leave your outdoor kitchen for a frosty beverage – please note that the cooler is not included with the cooler drawer.

Thanks to the full extending drawer sliders, you can open and close this unit smoothly and effortlessly, and the full extension also allows you to view your wide array of food and drinks better. Enjoy a luxurious picnic outdoors on comfortable patio furniture, and keep your favorite beer or malt liquor on ice next to your barbecues and grills.

These heavy-duty cooler drawers help make entertaining and dining outdoors easy – add refrigerated drawers to your Delta Heat grill and don’t step foot indoors until you’re done for the evening. Pair this unit with matching components and appliances from Outdora for a gleaming stainless steel cooking station. From popsicles to beer, keep items refrigerated conveniently outdoors with the Delta Heat cooler drawer.