Delta Heat NG to LP Conversion Kit for DHBQ



There is a different Conversion kit for grills with a serial # of 1208-928052 and older/smaller number.  This kit work for grills that were produced from 2012-present with serial # of 1208-920853 and larger number. If the older conversion kit is needed please send an email to our service department with your model # and serial # to request information

Parts included in the kit:

qty 3, S15133-56, Orifice #56, mains
qty 1, S15108-57, Orifice #57, Rotis
qty 1, S15344, LP Regulator with hose
qty 1, S12602, Coupling, Brass, ½ female pipe x 3/8 male flare
qty 1, S18351, Conversion Label