FIM C-Series Aluminum Offset Umbrella

SKU: C09-G



Our best-selling series since the beginning, these large patio shades have excellent features and are most versatile in their application. They feature a hassle-free crank opening where a stainless steel cable handles the opening and closing of the canopy effortlessly and safely. The complete unit rotates 360 degrees and therefore provides shade wherever needed, any time of the day. And when the sun sets, a sideways tilt to either side allows for maximum enjoyment of those long summer evenings.

  • Large 11 feet shade size
  • Classic octagon shaped canopy
  • Very durable and light weight aluminum pole
  • Commercial Grade
  • Crank opening, 360 rotation, sideways tilt
  • Ground insert base features sleeve to be cemented into the ground
  • Deck mount plate features thick aluminum plate to be mounted to any solid, even surface
  • Freestanding base provides extra space in front of THIS UMBRELLA pole, as all weight is offset to the back
  • Free standing base designed to accept readily available 24x24 concrete pavers for ballast
  • Umbrella Type: Aluminum
  • Pole Material: Aluminum Pole
  • Umbrella Fabric: Sunbrella
  • Ribs: 8, 6, 0
  • Umbrella with freestanding offset base: 59 lbs
  • Shade Size: 11 Foot
  • Lift System: Crank Lift
  • Construction Quality: Commercial
  • Umbrella with deck mount plate :  49 lbs
  • c, 61 lbs
  • Shape Type: Octagon, Square, Hexagon
  • Tilt System: Auto Tilt
  • Finish: Peppercorn Brown, Silver
  • Umbrella with ground insert base: 56 lbs
  • Umbrella with freestanding offset base: 138 W x 138 D
  • Umbrella with deck mount plate : 138 W x 138 D
  • Umbrella with deck mount plate : 138 W x 138 D

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