Hestan 42 Inch Insulated Jacket



Hestan AGIJ42 Insulated Jacket For 42-Inch Built-In Grill provides a high quality accessory for use with your Hestan 42-inch built-in grill. This unit features a welded, heavy gauge steel construction for a blend of aesthetics and durability that will stand up to the outdoor elements. This insulating jacket is required for use when installing the grill in a combustible island, but can also add insulation for non-combustible grill islands.

  • Stainless Steel Construction - 304 stainless steel construction ensures durability and longevity
  • Required For Use - This insulating jacket must be used when installing the Hestan grill into a combustible grill island
  • Designed For - This unit is intended for use with the 42-inch Hestan grill
  • Manufacturer: Hestan
  • Weight: 103 Pounds
  • Made in USA: Yes
  • Material: 304 Stainless Steel
  • Overall Length: 17.62 Inches
  • Overall Width: 26.12 Inches
  • Overall Height: 12.81 Inches