Kingsley Bate Amalfi Deep Seating Settee

SKU: AM55 Grade A Cloud


Grade A Cloud
Grade A Sparkle Snow
Grade A Natural
Grade A Sparkle Birch
Grade A Eggshell
Grade A Canvas
Grade A Chamomile
Grade A Antique Beige
Grade A Buff
Grade A Switch Flax
Grade A Oat
Grade A Mushroom
Grade A Taupe
Grade A Meadow
Grade A Cilantro
Grade A Fern
Grade A Cast Mist
Grade A Stitches Mist
Grade A Gavin Mist
Grade A Cast Ocean
Grade A Sparkle Navy
Grade A Ocean
Grade A Lilac
Grade A Capri Blue
Grade A Navy
Grade A Neptune
Grade A Denim
Grade A Montauk Denim
Grade A Hampton Denim
Grade A Bliss Pebble
Grade A Fog
Grade A Switch Silver
Grade A Sharkskin
Grade A Black
Grade A Charcoal
Grade A Millstone
Grade A Coal
Grade A Ash
Grade A Graphite
Grade B Linen Snow
Grade B Cue Parchment
Grade B Line Linen
Grade B Linen Sandstone
Grade B Demo Fog
Grade B Sabah Sand
Grade B Adena Greystone
Grade B Demo Stone
Grade B Demo Lagoon
Grade B Hither Mist
Grade B Adena Celeste
Grade B Airblue
Grade B Hansen Sky
Grade B Ticking Ocean
Grade B Coastal
Grade B Linen Chambray
Grade B Sapphire Blue
Grade B Topside Nautical
Grade B Topside Indigo
Grade B Pinstripe Denim
Grade B Line Grey
Grade B Adena Pebble
Grade B Linen Shale
Grade B Linen Stone
Grade B Red
Grade C Sailcloth Salt
Grade C Canvas Rain
Grade C Sailcloth Sand
Grade C Metz Pebble
Grade C Level Pumice
Grade C Oat Rain
Grade C Sailcloth Sahara
Grade C Imperial Stone
Grade C Rochelle Slate
Grade C Crosshatch Vapor
Grade C Crosshatch Fog
Grade C Taupe Rain
Grade C Fretwork Ocean
Grade C Ocean Rain
Grade C Navy Rain
Grade C Interlock Indigo
Grade C Tweede Denim
Grade C Glacier
Grade C Solana Seagull
Grade D Garza Cloud
Grade D Sabah Sand
Grade D Integrated Mist
Grade D Lattice Storm
Grade D Lattice Indigo
  • Constructed from premium Javanese teak
  • Features a 25″ wide seats with 6″ high cushions
  • Comfortably seats two people
  • Seat height measures 15.5″
  • Weight: 96 lbs

Sofa settees are often forgotten when furnishing patio and pool areas, but Kingsley Bate Amalfi Sofa Settees are a fantastic way to add teak patio furniture seating without exhausting space options. Because the optional cushions are available in a variety of colors and fabrics, matching your home exterior becomes an easy task. Place sofa settees near hanging torches or lighting and create a bright location where you can relax on teak furniture at night, or simply enjoy during daylight hours; this settee also transitions well into indoor spaces.

Constructed from weather-hardy wood harvested at eco-friendly plantations in Indonesia, this model measures 55″ W x 33″ D x 33″ H and weighs 70 pounds. Wood sets incorporate an environmentally conscious structure and high-performing Sunbrella fabric that is fadeproof, UV- and mold-resistant, ensuring its luxurious physique for years.

These sofa settees also complement teak patio furniture sets from Outdora and can be paired with an Amalfi Deep Seating Sofa or other pieces from the Amalfi Collection. Creating a well-established backyard space where you can entertain guests or relax by yourself is a breeze. If versatile patio sofas are what you need to round off a luxurious conversation set, adorn your deck with Kingsley-Bate sofa settees.