Maestro 60 Gas Oven


While it’s the smallest model Fontana Forni USA has to offer, it still performs like all of our other designs with maximum temps. How? The perfect roundness of the vault facilitates air circulation and the gas burner on the bottom makes sure to distribute heat in even less time.

Made of painted and stainless steel, it comes equipped with a flue and rainproof chimney, a steel door with “no-hot” handle and analog thermometer. The high performance of The Maestro 60 is also guaranteed by the thick insulating material, allowing you to reach high temperatures but with less fuel consumption too. Its compact design also makes it perfect for smaller spaces or if you want to take it along to other outdoor locations (picnics, tailgates, etc.). It’s a symphony of innovation and design, 100% Made in Italy!

External Dimensions

22¼" D, 29¾" W, 23"H (18 ¾" without chimney)

Internal Dimensions

16"D, 24"W, 8"H

Pizza Capacity

Two 12" Pizzas

Gas Type

Natural Gas