Milano Wood Fired Oven Kit



Wildwood Ovens that are versatile and popular, our Milano Precast Wood Fired Wildwood Ovens are ideal options for most people interested in installing wood fired ovens in their homes or on their patios. Appropriate both for indoor and outdoor spaces, this pre-cast kit comes as six pieces that can be put together in an hour or less. The Wildwood Ovens kit includes the dome, hearth, high temperature mortar, oven door, and fiber insulation. Made from the most state-of-the-art refractory elements, this model is lightweight and retains heat beautifully. The outdoor oven dome has a patented Wildwood Ovens parabolic design that allows this model to heat faster than flat-topped wood burning oven designs; the domes of Wildwood Pizza Ovens let the flames roll around, so optimal temperatures are reached quickly.

Professional Grade Capable of temperatures in excess of 2300 F Degrees
Bake up to 4 Pizzas at a time. Pizzas cook in 60- 90 seconds.
Certified safe for indoor or outdoor use
Made In America and includes our 25 Year warranty

Internal Height: 17″
External Height: 20″
Internal Diameter: 33″
External Diameter: 42″
Mouth Height: 10.25″
Mouth Width: 16.5″
Weight: 441 lbs

Milano Specifications
Milano Information Sheet
Milano Installation Instructions