Mont Alpi 3 Tap Kegerator



The Mont Alpi Triple tap Kegerator with digital display can contain up to three kegs at a time. The tiered top surface is finished in white granite for easy clean and extra class, a pour tray is also included for handling spills and over-foam.  The digital temperature control offers extra precision no matter what environment you enjoy your beer. The kegerator is designed to pour all forms of beer, included is a ball cock that makes soft drinks, spiked seltzer and other drinks a possibility also. If it’s in a barrel, the keg can pour it. The four castor wheels make moving the unit easy, however, the kegerator feels permanent and classy. 

  • 3 taps that work independently
  • Holds up to 3 slim kegs
  • White granite surfaces
  • Outdoor rated fridge
  • Fits Mont Alpi Island grills
  • 35"x38"x23"