Morsø Tuscan Grill

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The Morsø Tuscan Grill is an enamelled cast iron grill grate, whose diameter of 33 cm gives a grilling area of over 800 cm2. The Tuscan Grill is used in the Morsø Forno Outdoor Oven and enables you to cook steaks and vegetables with sharp, well-defined grill markings. It is also where you put fish for grilling or smoking.

Ordinary grill grates of smooth stainless steel have the disadvantage that fat drips off, so the steak isn't roasted, but toasted. Our cast iron grill grate has the advantage that its innumerable small pores absorb fat and flavours from the meat. This achieves the right effect, that the meat is roasted in its own fat. The enamelled surface of the Tuscan Grill ensures both a long lifetime and easy cleaning. The enamelling is done in a way that preserves the ability of the cast iron to absorb fat and flavours, making the grate ideal for grilling.

The concept of the Tuscan Grill trunk originally comes from Tuscany in Italy, where there is a tradition of cooking steaks with a fantastic smoked taste – e.g. Bistecca alla Fiorentina. Would you like the recipe? We thought as much!

Material: Enamelled cast iron
Colour: Black
Dimensions in cm (Dm x H): Ø34 cm×9
Weight: 3,7 kg