Bromic Replacement Base For Eclipse Portable ( Includes Dimmer)

SKU: BH8380002


Transform your Eclipse Portable with our Replacement Base! Including a dimmer function, this base allows you to customize the light intensity to your liking. Say goodbye to harsh lighting and hello to a softer, more ambient atmosphere. Upgrade your Eclipse Portable today!

  • Replacement Base for Eclipse Portable
  • Includes Dimmer
Delta heat 22


Available in seven unique mounting options, including portable, the Eclipse Smart-Heat Electric collection adds style, warmth and light to design-focused outdoor spaces.

Platinum gas render lr


With both gas and electric models to choose from, the Platinum collection features premium ceramic glass fascias and stainless-steel frames for a sleek and timeless look.


Our tungsten gas and electric outdoor heaters come in a stylish, industrial design with a wide selection of heat output and mounting options.

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Engineered specifically for marine applications and coastal environments, our electric Marine heaters elevate the comfort of coastal residences, superyachts and cruise ships.

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Celing mounted
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Ceiling Mounted

Bromic's ceiling mounting poles ensure that your Platinum, Tungsten, and Eclipse heaters will be suspended at just the right height to deliver the optimum amount of heat.

Wall Mounted

Easily mount any of our gas or electric heaters on walls and structures while meeting the necessary clearance requirements. Standard wall mounts are included with our Platinum and Tungsten Gas and Electric heaters.

Flush Mounted

Seamlessly intergrate the Platinum Electric, Platinum Marine, or Tungsten Electric heater within your project with our premium recess kits. Create a flush, modern and minimalist look without interferring with the aesthetic of the space.

Portable & Freestanding

Bromic's portable freestanding heaters bring flexible warmth to outdoor spaces. Our Tungsten and Eclipse portable heaters offer top-of-the-line heating technology in a stylish, freestanding design.