Saber Dual-Burner Built-In Side Burner Cover

SKU: K00ZZ3915


A grill cover that provides coverage all the way down to the floor, the Polyester Saber 500 Grill Cover from Outdora is a weather-hardy design that serves to protect Saber grills. This accessory is made for a custom fit, and it's backed by a three-year warranty from the manufacturer – resilience is what this company is known for. Overall, the outdoor grill cover measures 56.5" x 26" x 47" and will fit all 500 size Saber gas grill freestanding models, such as the Saber 500 Propane Cast Grill.

Repelling water is the main job of this accessory, which is constructed from marine-grade solution dyed polyester. However, the black material that features the manufacturer's logo will also resist fading, mildew and cold cracking over time.

Removing these grill covers from your Saber 500 Propane Stainless Grill is easy – the BBQ cover handle is convenient during removal or if you want to hang it up to store it temporarily. Now you don't have to worry about leaving your barbecues unattended on your patio during the off-seasons, and we also carry designs that are specially made for built-in grills. With Outdora's help, you can shelter your Saber grill from Mother Nature's changing ways by slipping on a matching grill cover.