Saber Stainless Steel 3-Burner Gas Grill

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A Saber grill equipped with enough burners to whip up a feast, the 500 Propane Stainless Saber Grill from Outdora features a 100% infrared cooking system. Infrared heating is superior in the fact that it eliminates flare-ups, and thanks to the controlled air flow, your meals will be full of flavorful juice and moisture. Since Saber grills are so powerful you’d think it equates to more fuel consumption, but actually this infrared grill consumes 30% less fuel than a traditional outdoor kitchen grill! This unit houses three 304 grade stainless steel infrared burners that emit 24,000 BTUs across the impressive 675 square inches of grilling space. Each burner features a reliable push-and-turn electronic ignition as well as accurate cooking-grate-level temperature gauges. Within 10 minutes or less, this Saber grill can heat up to a maximum of 700° Fahrenheit; for slow roasting on these infrared grills, simply use the included multiple position warming rack and add the spit rod and Saber Stainless Steel Rotisserie Kit with Case from Outdora to your Saber grill order. Additionally, you have an 18,000 BTU dual control side burner that can be used to keep dishes warm until all your guests make it to the patio. Freestanding grills like this infrared gas grill are flexible so you can prepare delicate fish or thick filets of steak, and our Saber grill has all of the components to accommodate your culinary needs. Two internal halogen lights help you see how meats and veggies are coming along if cooking during the evening hours while the side shelves provide a sturdy work surface for food seasonings and cooking tools. Also, the enclosed cart conceals your propane tank, and the four 3" heavy-duty locking casters make moving the unit easy. This Saber grill has a matching Saber 500 Grill Cover, making it easy to store it when it's not in use. However, once you start cooking on this machine, you might do more grilling from the patio year-round. On these infrared portable grills, you can boil and fry or use woks and skillets atop the side burner. And, if you only require one or two burners to prepare lunch or dinner, only fire up the burners you need. Cleaning this Saber grill is effortless thanks to the front access grease tray, and these Saber grills come with a grate tool to brush off food debris. Prefer natural gas fuel? The manufacturer’s exclusive EZNG technology allows you to convert – view available Saber grill propane kits at Outdora. All it takes is 45 minutes and assistance from another person to assemble these units. Give your outdoor kitchen the total treatment with a versatile Saber grill.