Solus Hemi 48 Inch Fire Bowl



Match Lit High Output
Adjustable Electronic
Natural Gas
Liquid Propane

Available in three sizes to suit any space these round, concrete fire pits add heat, atmosphere and simple beauty. Built to last, our ‘cross-jet’ gas burners and ethanol burners provide ample flames. Each fire bowl is available in 10 colors and can be paired with a full bed of fire stones, a hardwood tabletop, or an all-weather fabric cover for added beauty and function. Another option is an al-metal fire ring/tabletop which can be used when the fire is on or off.  By simply reinserting the middle of the tabletop, the firepit can be used as a fully functional coffee table when there is no fire. The latest addition to the Solus accessory line is an all-glass shield to protect your flame against the wind.


  • Burner, support, and plate
  • Standard flexible gas line with flare fitting connector
  • Lava rock to cover entire surface
  • 40 Fire Stones for flame shaping
  • User Guide
  • Flange and Key – for manual start and adjustable electric start
  • Electronic ignitor and wiring box – for electric start only *NB A commercial grade propane kit including 15′ Hose and regulator is available for purchase as an accessory.
  • Concrete Hemi Bowl
  • Burner, support, ring, plate and cover
  • Lighting wand Lava rock to cover entire surface of plate and fill fuel vessel
  • 14 Fire Stones for flame shaping
  • User Guide


Hemi 48 is the biggest of our round fire pits. It commands attention and has the volume and presence to hold its own in open spaces. This fire bowl, with its smooth concrete walls and strong, fine edges, houses an ample flame. We designed this bowl in response to repeated requests for a fire pit that would be comfortable in larger scale commercial spaces. Used in smaller environments these large fire bowls make a strong visual statement.