Solus Tank Table



Tank table is a play on our Firecube 16. Adding a vented concrete lid to the cube creates a solution to unsightly propane tanks and the need for efficiency in small spaces. There are many circumstances that our clients have pondered about what to do with the ugly propane tank that they inevitably had to deal with.  Sometimes it is perfectly okay to stick it behind a bush or run a line to the garden shed but most people would rather not have to look at it. Made of smooth Solus concrete and detailed with the same rounded edges as the Firecube 16, Our table that houses the propane bottle is modern, handsome and understated. Each table fits a 20 lb propane bottle within it and is capped with a vented concrete top that can act as a functional table surface.  Designed to be used with any of our fire pits, Tank table provides ample ventilation through its base as well as from the side vents in its lid. Appropriate for spaces large and small, residential and commercial.