SunStar SGL Series 48" Two-Stage Propane Gas Infrared Patio Heater with Fixed Mounting Kit and Wireless Remote Control



Natural Gas
Liquid Propane

SunStar outdoor and Indoor Rated Patio Heater for Restaurants and Other Hospitality Applications. Ideal for outdoor or partially covered dining areas, bars, patios, verandas, smoking areas, vestibules and other outdoor covered areas.

SUNSTAR® L10 SGL0 has a two-stage output of 24,000 BTU to 35,000 BTU controlled by a 3-position switch and wireless remote control with "OFF-HIGH-LOW" capability.  All SUNSTAR® heaters are CSA Design Certified and are equipped for clean burning, cost-effective, and highly efficient natural gas. 

The SUNSTAR® Model L10 SGL0 infrared heater is completely hardwired and works in conjunction with wireless remote control. This model heater is controlled through a simple (High/Low/Off) switch or wireless remote control that allows for an output of either 24,000 or 35,000 BTUs of heat. This model package is equipped with a 10" fixed mounting kit and heat shield designed for horizontal installations with a 0° angle. For 8' to 11' mounting heights. 

  • Fully Automatic OFF/HI/LOW control system
  • Ceramic Infrared Burner System
  • Direct Spark Ignition with Auto Re-light and Flame Sensor System
  • Two Stage 24,00 to 35,000 BTU
  • Hi-Temp Black Aluminized steel construction
  • Fixed 10" Black Mounting Kit Included
  • SUNSTAR® Black Heat Shield
  • SUNSTAR® 3-Position Switch and Wireless Remote Included
  • 8' to 11' Mounting Height
  • Recommended for Commercial and Residential Installation