SunStar Two-Stage Digital Setback Thermostat-7-Day Programmable Digital 24V

SKU: 644100


Two Stage Digital Setback Thermostat for indoor applications. 7 - day programmable digital 24V thermostat, temperature range 40° to 90°F (∓1°F differential). Up to 85 operating humidity range (%RH). Automatic changeover

  • 24V operation
  • 7-day programmable digital thermostat
  • 40º to 90ºF temperature range
  • +/- 1ºF differential
  • Controls 1 heater
  • Can be used with Two Stage Relay Kit (44195000) to control multiple heaters with single thermostat - one relay kit required per heater
  • For modulating two stage heaters- N7 or L7 Control
  • 24V Digital Night Setback Thermostat with Large hybrid dot matrix display 
  • Temporary override, Hold & Vacation hold
  • Optional smart recovery
  • Advanced copy function for fast easy programming
  • Programmable length minimum run time
  • Multi-stage adjustable temperature differential/cycle rate ± 2.25ºF differential
  • Multimode keyboard lockout with user programmable 3 Digit Code