Twin Eagles 54 inch Built In Vinyl Grill Cover



Maintaining your Twin Eagles Grill has never been easier thanks to the 54" Vinyl Twin Eagles Grill Cover. This all-weather vinyl cover fits snugly over the Twin Eagles built-in barbecue and offers countless years of protection from all types of outdoor elements. The durable black vinyl exterior of the grill cover keeps debris off your barbecue grill while a soft scratch-free felt lining cloaks your stainless steel bbq grill without scuffing the surface.

The construction is sturdy enough that removing and replacing these covers only takes seconds, unlike other covers that are made of flimsy materials and are difficult to position properly. To keep your Twin Eagles barbecue cover looking new when in use in your outdoor kitchen, simply give it a quick wipe down with a damp cloth. The trademark Twin Eagles logo prominently displayed on the front lets everyone know that you believe in quality barbecues and accessories that stand the test of time.