Urban Bonfire Cirrus 36


Urban Bonfire Cirrus 36
Urban Bonfire Cirrus 36
Urban Bonfire Cirrus 36
Urban Bonfire Cirrus 36
No Back Panels
Include Back Panels

Elevate your outdoor dining experience with the Urban Bonfire Cirrus 36. This sleek and modern urban fire table will create an inviting ambiance for your gatherings. Its 36-inch size offers plenty of room for drinks and food, while the stunning design will impress your guests. Enjoy the warmth and beauty of a fire right in your own backyard.

  • 1x Heavy Duty Drawer
  • 1x Refuse & Recycling Module 
  • 1x Shelf Cabinet
  • 1x Grill Cabinet
  • Length 135” (includes countertop)
  • Height 36 ½” (± 1”)
  • Depth 28 ¾”
  • Kitchen Weight 223 lbs
  • Countertop Weight 299 lbs

1. Before Installing Your Kitchen | Urban Bonfire Kitchen Installation





3. Attaching the Cabinets | Urban Bonfire Kitchen Installation



4.  Trim Kit Installation | Urban Bonfire Kitchen Installation



5. Dekton Countertop Installation | Urban Bonfire Kitchen Installation



6. Adjusting the Doors | Urban Bonfire Kitchen Installation



7. Front Toe Kicks Installation | Urban Bonfire Kitchen Installation



8. Corner Toe Kicks Installation | Urban Bonfire Kitchen Installation



9. Interior Components Installation | Urban Bonfire Kitchen Installation



10. Soft-Close Drawer Slides



Urban Bonefire Outdoor Kitchen Options

  • Super durable NACRAĒ™ powder coating finish on all cabinets and accessories. Colors digitally rendered. Actual product may vary.
  • Premium 2cm Dekton Countertops are now available and can be added to all our new Classics models.
  • Every Urban Bonfire cabinet is fully enclosed. Aesthetic back panels are only required when the back of the kitchen is visible. If the kitchen is to be placed against a wall or fence, or will otherwise be hidden from view, aesthetic back panels are not necessary.

Powder Coating Finish Options

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Modern dark gray with a slate undertone that works beautifully in concrete and contemporary urban environments.


This finish works in almost any outdoor setting, reflecting tones of silk and clean linen.


An elegant and versatile rich beige. Enhances the mood and atmosphere of any classic outdoor living space.

Countertop Options

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NACRAĒ™ Finish

Now with revolutionary, all natural, anti-microbial protection, NACRAĒ™ is engineered for life outdoors.

Urban Bonfire's NACRAĒ™ finish was inspired by the beauty, strength and resilience of mother-of-pearl. Each finish is crafted with a micro-textured formulation that preserves and protects beauty in all climates, creating a stable depth of color in any outdoor environment.


Marine Grade Aluminum

Non-combustible, thick gauge marine grade aluminum construction for all Urban Bonfire cabinets, planters, accessories and backsplash systems.

Urban Bonfire’s marine grade aluminum is twice as thick as most stainless steel cabinetry on the market, yet lighter in weight. Aluminum is easy to transport and cooperates well during installations. It is the ideal material for extreme climates (snow, ice, salt water, humidity) and long-term quality.

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304 Stainless Steel

Outdoor grade 304 stainless steel for all door slides, hinges, pulls and leveling legs.


The Urban Bonfire Framework is designed and engineered to ensure quality, longevity and ease of implementation.

Urban Bonfire