Wood Stone Bistro Home 4343 Pizza Oven



The best-selling member of the Bistro Line, the Bistro 4343 stone hearth oven’s compact footprint allows it to fit easily into smaller operations, while still maintaining the excitement of live-fire cooking. With 6.4 square-feet of cooking area, the Bistro 4343 has the capacity to produce not only pizza, but appetizers and entrees as well. Featuring a painted black steel stand and a stainless wrapped oven chamber, the Bistro 4343 can accommodate all manner of facade options. Much like its larger cousins, the Bistro 4343 is made in the USA, featuring a 3-inch thick, monolithic hearth and dome, built from our proprietary ceramic engineered for high temperatures. Available as either gas-fired, wood-fired, or a combination of both, the Bistro 4343 brings the renowned flavor profile and theater of an open flame to your dining room