Wrmth Modern Tundra Muskoka Chair

SKU: 101100-024


Wrmth Modern Muskoka
Wrmth Modern Muskoka
Wrmth Modern Muskoka

Experience ultimate comfort and style with the Wrmth Modern Muskoka Chair. Designed with expert precision and attention to detail, this chair features a modern twist on the classic Muskoka design. With its ergonomic shape and durable materials, you can relax and enjoy the outdoors like never before.



Master control for your Wrmth outdoor living experience. Adjust lighting and heating to personalize your Wrmth smart furniture. It's easy, download the app, hover over the Wrmth logo to connect and you are instantly in control.

Users can scan the embedded NFC tags within the chairs, create Bluetooth connections between their mobile device and their piece of Wrmth furniture, and customize the integrated heating and lights.

  • Guests can interact with our smart furniture using their smartphones.
  • Can adjust lighting intensity using Wrmth's Master Control Web Interface
  • Allows guests to personalize temperature the temperature of their seating.
  • Can choose power on/off schedules.
  • Allow or restrict interactive settings for guests
  • Location: Back Rest Heat (Input: 120V Max 1.9A)
  • Location: Seat Heat (Input: 120V Max 1.9A)
  • Location: L/R Arm Heat (Input: 120V Max 1.9A)
  • Max Heater Temperature: 44 (C)
  • Recommended Operational Ambient Temperature Range: -10 (C) to +35 (C)
  • Power Cord Length: 6ft 0"
  • Overall Width: 30.32"
  • Overall Height: 36.43"
  • Overall Depth: 35"
  • Overall Weight: 65lbs