Outdoor Kitchen Featuring the Hestan Aspire

Outdoor Kitchen Featuring the Hestan Aspire

We at Outdora would like to share our latest outdoor kitchen installation, and it's a game-changer for your outdoor cooking experience! Here's a glimpse of what we've brought to the table:

🔹 Challenger Cabinets in Anthracite: These sleek and stylish cabinets not only elevate the look of your outdoor space but also provide ample storage for all your cooking essentials. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to organization!

🔹 Dekton Countertop in Neural KC Velvet: The centerpiece of our new outdoor kitchen, this luxurious Dekton countertop in Neural KC Velvet is not just beautiful—it's also incredibly durable. Whether you're prepping ingredients or serving up a feast, this countertop can handle it all with ease.

🔹 Hestan Aspire 36-inch Grill in Color Citra: Get ready to grill in style with the Hestan Aspire 36-inch Grill in the vibrant color Citra. This top-of-the-line grill delivers precision cooking and even heat distribution, ensuring that every meal is grilled to perfection.

🔹 Stainless Sink: No outdoor kitchen is complete without a convenient sink. Our stainless steel sink provides a handy space for washing vegetables, cleaning utensils, and keeping your cooking area tidy.

🔹 Clarkson Pull-Down Gooseneck Faucet: The Clarkson pull-down gooseneck faucet adds both style and functionality to your outdoor kitchen. With its flexible design and easy-to-use features, it's the perfect complement to our stainless steel sink.

With this new outdoor kitchen setup from Outdora, you'll be ready to take your outdoor entertaining to the next level. Whether you're hosting a backyard barbecue or simply enjoying a meal under the stars, this kitchen has everything you need. Visit us today to see it in person and transform your outdoor space into a culinary oasis!