Tips For Grilling In Small Spaces

Tips For Grilling In Small Spaces

A spacious backyard is not needed in order to create a great grilling environment.  Even urban lifestyles with some outdoor space can have enough room to be able to have an ample sized barbeque and not the kind that is set up on two cinder blocks either.  In reality, only a small space is needed even in the largest setting because the grilling space only takes up a couple of feet, so you really only need enough room for the grill and some space between you and the entrance to the home.  Another thing to keep in mind is to not set anything combustible next to the house.  Be sure to know the rules and guidelines of your apartment or condo for grilling outdoors, there may be some limitations to know beforehand.

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How much room does a barbeque actually need in order to enjoy grilling and keep the space comfortable?  6 feet is the usually the norm for a small place to set up your outdoor grill and the biggest grill that will fit in the allowed space is the one you should get.   Even if the grill is a tight fit, you will use it more and have better cooking results.  Be sure to take down different measurement ideas to be able to accommodate this. There are many residents who have figured out a way to edge in a 7 foot grill and a cooking island to do all the preparation on the deck or allotted space.   This is a very important aspect because a smaller grill will limit your size capacity for certain meats.  Will you be content with just limiting your outdoor cooking to burgers and hotdogs, or is taking up a couple more feet worth more food options?

The idea is to create a livable and attractive area that is both eye pleasing and functional on a daily basis.  Remember most people who live in small spaces are sharing their views or decks with other residents, so it’s best to keep your area neat and organized.   You are basically utilizing the decorating laws of “Feng Shui” to your outdoor cooking space.  Some common sense is needed when deciding to purchase a particular type and size of grill.  Gas grills tend to produce less smoke, so if you are underneath someone an electric grill may be the more considerate option.

Best Grills To Use For Small Spaces

There are some exceptional grills that are designed to perform heavy duty cooking tasks but are also ideal to use in small spaces.  It is important to keep the thought in mind that a high quality grill is more reliable and valuable in the long run no matter how small the area is.  So the $19.99 dollar grill is an idea to forget when looking for a compatible grill.

One grill in particular that comes to mind when trying to find a grill that will work in a tight space is the Primo All in One Kamado Grill. The diameters of this particular grill are quite desirable for a small deck, yet the dynamics of the design will still allow large meats and ample moving space.  This incredible grill is the answer to all the queries of one needing a substantial and full functioning grill as well as an attractive one.  The Big Green Egg model also has fold out shelves that are perfect for setting ready-to-grill foods and condiments.

There are some misconceptions when thinking of a high-quality electric grill.  Most people think of this type of barbeque as a small inadequate source of grilling; however this is not the case with the Fire Magic electric grill.  The super sleek and futuristic design offers the same power as a gas grill– just not the added smoke. The heat settings can get as hot as 725 degrees, which is more than enough heat to sear steaks.  There are removable shelves to help add more versatility to the space and the grates are even dishwasher safe.

Things To Remember When Buying A Grill For A Small Space:

  • Measure your space before going shopping.
  • Know the rules of your building for outdoor grills
  • Buy the largest grill for your space
  • Gas, charcoal, electric?  Know before you go, this will help the final decision.
  • Double check you outlets for outside.
  • Keep in mind, “will this size of grill be able to fit large meats/projects?”
  • Store and cook the grill away from the home.

Living in a small space does not have to mean sacrificing your love for grilling.  Just follow the guidelines above to save time and be sure to get your future grilling space prepped and ready for its new addition.  Creating another “room” to your living space that provides ample function and style will, in the long run, increase your overall home value.