Fire Magic Echelon Analog E660s Freestanding Grill with Rotisserie & Side Burner

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Liquid Propane
Natural Gas

30 Inch Freestanding Fire Magic Echelon E660s Grill with Rotisserie and Side Burner.
A Fire Magic grill adds 21st-century elegance to any fine home, and the 30 inch Freestanding Fire Magic Echelon E660s Grill with Rotisserie is crafted from impervious stainless steel, providing sophistication while enduring exposure to the elements. Your sharply decorated patio area will shine when you add this model to existing home exterior decor. Note that this Fire Magic grill features a built-in grill rotisserie, stationary side burners, heavy-duty swivel casters for mobility, and independent heat controls for cooking several courses at once on these outdoor gas grills. The polished, rounded corners on luxury Fire Magic grills add style and safety, fold-down shelves with handles offer handy food preparation space, and a retractable tool holder makes this freestanding grill perfect for holding accessories.

Whether you choose from the Liquid Propane or Natural Gas fueled design, the push-to-light hot surface ignition system propels you toward succulent cuisine during any kind of weather. Bring culinary cooking power to the backyard, and enjoy 78,000 BTUs of heat with an additional 11,000 BTUs on the rotisserie back burner.

With a Fire Magic grill, you can cook multiple meats or vegetables at once thanks to the Fire Magic grill heat zone separators that allow you to monitor each zone individually. A digital built-in thermometer and high-tech meat probe ensure exact cooking as well. Watch your meal brown to perfection atop this Fire Magic grill through the optional Magic View Window, which prevents the loss of smoke, heat and moisture that occurs when opening the lid. Creative outdoor chefs appreciate these cookers for their special amenities, including the grease-resistant hood. Smoke wonderful salmon jerky or seasoned beef with the exclusive built-in wood chip smoker drawer, or slow roast pork and lamb with the BBQ grill rotisserie. The stainless steel burners perfectly distribute this model’s intense heat. Available with an optional Power Hood with remote control and a Double Side Burner, these Fire Magic grills leave nothing out, and you can upgrade your Fire Magic grill by adding one infrared burner at no charge. Convert your patio space into a contemporary bistro for all-season use. At Outdora, a seamless outdoor kitchen setup is possible with a sophisticated and fully functional Fire Magic grill.