Roma Wood Fired Oven Kit



Wildwood Ovens are based on the style of wood fired ovens from 17th century rural France, and our Roma Precast Wood Fired Wildwood Ovens are compact, lightweight models that fit indoor and outdoor kitchens with space limitations. With a footprint measuring just 30" W x 30" D, this design measures 22" W x 13" H internally – large enough to fit all your favorites from gourmet pizzas to roasted chicken. This wood burning oven from Wildwood Ovens comes in six pieces and can be assembled in about an hour, and the outdoor oven is crafted from modern refractory materials that are lightweight enough for one person to handle. To make installation easier, firebricks have been built into the hearth so you don't have to place them yourself. The innovative wood fired oven dome is an interlocking design unique to Wildwood Ovens, and refractory grout and fiber insulation aid in superior heat retention to help cook foods fast.

Fuel efficient, durable and consistent, this model heats up quickly so you save time in the patio kitchen. Able to reach 700° Fahrenheit in about an hour (or less), it retains heat and requires less wood than larger, more cumbersome designs. This front venting model uses a 6" chimney and comes with a door for the 15.75" W x 8.5" H opening.

Our Wildwood Ovens are available with several options; add a Ceramic Insulation Blanket to your Wildwood Pizza Ovens for extra insulation and a Metal Stand is a great alternative to installing an outdoor wood fired oven on a countertop. Although the exteriors can be finished any way you wish, you may choose to select the optional Upper Enclosure for your desired look. The optional Wildwood Ovens Heat Stopper Board will give superior insulation to the hearth so more heat is retained for cooking, but this accessory shouldn't be used when enclosing Wildwood Ovens in an Upper Enclosure. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact Outdora's friendly customer service. It's our pleasure to help you elevate your culinary arts to new heights with wood fired ovens by Wildwood Ovens.

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